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Understanding Easter Island Theories | Andean Trails

Debunking the Myths: Easter Island Theories Defined

Rapa Nui’s big and historic moai statues have stumped lecturers and archaeologists for hundreds of years, sparking myriad Easter Island theories.

Aliens, rats, and human greed have all been credited with the dramatic collapse in Easter Island’s inhabitants and deserted statues that scatter the land.

This triangular island, 14 miles (23 km) lengthy by 7 miles (11 km), has greater than 1,000 moai statues, monumental heads sculpted from the island’s volcanic stone. Some are 10 metres tall and weigh as much as 80 tonnes. Following the oral traditions of the indigenous language, the moais “walked” to the place they settled.

Lately, buried torsos have come to life, propagating the myths about how native artisans might construct, transfer, and place such mammoth megalithic sculptures. There aren’t any blueprints left behind that fashionable science has managed to decipher.

The reality is that whereas we’re getting nearer to understanding the island that inhabitants name Rapa Nui, the mysteries of the moais and why the folks disappeared stay.


Ranu Raraku Easter Island


A Temporary Historical past of Easter Island

The distant island lies some 1,000 miles east of Polynesia and 1,400 miles west of South America. Folks first arrived from Polynesia between 600 and 800 A.D.

Europeans grew to become conscious of the islands on Easter Sunday, 1722 when Dutch admiral Jacob Roggeveen noticed it. The date gave the island the title many individuals nonetheless use. Roggeveen described discovering folks of blended bodily varieties, together with white males with slit earlobes, worshipping the moais with hearth.

The Spanish handed in 1770 and estimated the inhabitants to be 3,000 folks following what appeared to have been a civil conflict. Simply 4 years later, British navigator Captain James Prepare dinner landed and located 600-700 poverty-stricken locals and the statues deserted.

Captain Prepare dinner wrote: “We might hardly conceive how these islanders, wholly unacquainted with any mechanical energy, might elevate such stupendous figures.” This most likely says extra concerning the European angle in the direction of the lands they colonised than something primarily based on actuality. Over the next years, sailors and whalers continued to go to Rap Nui.

By 1860, the inhabitants was round 3,000 till Peru plundered the island for enslaved folks, and a smallpox epidemic decreased numbers to 111 by 1877. Chile annexed Easter Island on September 9, 1888. Round 5,000 folks now name Rapa Nui house.

Let’s discover some Easter Island moai theories.




Inhabitants Collapse Idea

The most typical Easter Island idea is that Rapa Nui’s inhabitants collapsed by overpopulation.

An allegorical argument for as we speak’s world, the speculation runs that life was good on Rapa Nui. The inhabitants elevated, pushing up the demand for pure sources like firewood. Cleared forests grew to become farmland. Edible birds that lived within the timber died out. There was no wooden for boat constructing, and fishing expired.

This collapse idea postulates that the locals started preventing one another for pure sources and even resorted to cannibalism. The thought caught the imaginations of many, maybe satisfying an outdated view of indigenous populations as savages.


Easter Island: Incomers Idea

The collapse idea is determined by the concept Easter Island as soon as had an unlimited inhabitants to maneuver the moai statues. However what if 10-30,000 folks by no means lived on Rapa Nui?

A contemporary mind-set postulates that the island had a fairly secure 3,000-strong inhabitants that subsisted on what the island produced. The tales of individuals turning into cannibals had been seemingly part of Christian missionaries telling tales to hawk their moralities as superior.

The blame sport helped missionaries in two methods. Europeans introduced their devastating ailments, penchant for slavery, and preventing. The collapse idea could possibly be extra of a provoked collapse from incomers.


Did Aliens Go to Easter Island?

One space for settlement is that the moai statues aren’t the work of aliens.

The statues’ spectacular sizes could make it tempting to consider other-worldly powers created them as an alternative of a distant island group. Disappointingly for alien followers, the extra-terrestrials didn’t convey any new supplies to show their technological capabilities.

As an alternative, the moais got here from a quarry from an extinct volcano referred to as Rano Raraku on the northeastern facet of Rapa Nui. Tons of of unfinished moai stay there. Logs and ropes had been the most definitely system of transport throughout the island.

Some consider people didn’t have the intelligence or instruments to create many historic pure wonders, together with the Giza pyramids, Stonehenge, and the moais of Easter Island.



Easter Island Theories: Rats

Each Polynesian rats and people introduced on ships by Europeans lived on Easter Island alongside people. They took their share of sources, from palm tree nuts to different seeds. It’s unlikely that the rat inhabitants precipitated any human inhabitants collapse; human interference is extra possible.


Class Warfare on Rapa Nui

In keeping with one other idea, working-class quarry employees tried to overthrow the ruling lessons some 600 years in the past. The revolt left many completed moais deserted within the quarry.

Nevertheless, some analysis by the Journal of Archaeological Science states the statues had been left within the quarry for spiritual functions between 400-600 years in the past.

The employees’ revolution is one other one to drop within the unlikely field.


Lengthy Ears vs. Quick Ears

Skeletal research have proven that Easter Island was house to each long-eared and short-eared folks, one thing additionally noticed by Captain James Prepare dinner.

The thought is there was a conflict between the long-eared and short-eared tribes within the 17th century, earlier than the arrival of Europeans. The story goes that long-eared folks, the primary to inhabit Easter Island, dug a ditch and crammed it with wooden desiring to lure and burn the short-eared folks inside.

An extended-eared man tells his short-eared spouse of the plan. Horrified, she tells her folks. In a dramatic twist, the short-eared of us chase their long-eared rivals, together with ladies and youngsters, into the ditch and burn them alive. Two long-eared folks escaped, one captured and killed and the opposite surviving. Scientific proof pertains to a distinct anthropological story; nonetheless, it makes for a vibrant fable for teenagers.


half buried moai easter-island


Extra Easter Island Moai Theories

After all, there are various extra Easter Island theories. These embrace the next:

  • Undeciphered petroglyphs that pepper the torsos of moais might reveal their spiritual or symbolic significance.
  • Trendy checks have proven moais can journey with 18 folks pulling on ropes in a shimmying strolling model, like when shifting your fridge.
  • Purple pigment discovered close to moais stands out as the identical as native folks used to color themselves for ceremonies.
  • Human bones have been discovered close to many moais suggesting some are burial zones.
  • Moai statue faces would possibly resemble clans or household heads.
  • Easter Island has low rainfall. The sculptures are near freshwater springs, presumably as guardians of water.
  • Different moais could possibly be protectors of pure sources throughout the island and for spiritual functions.


Orongo stone village easter island


Chile and Easter Island theories

Debate continues about whether or not Easter Island suffered a catastrophic inhabitants collapse or whether or not different forces had been at play. Researchers know there are substantial data gaps. There’s additionally a robust chance that the disasters that befell Rapa Nui got here due to European colonisers arriving, and the widespread myths are to cowl their damaging behaviours.

The easiest way to grasp Easter Island theories is to go to. Tour the island with a neighborhood information who will share their data and understanding of their moais and tradition. Contact us for extra.


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