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Go to Egypt’s Historic Wonders in Luxor with Windstar Cruises

Situated on the east aspect of the Nile River, the Karnak Temple Advanced, additionally identified merely as Karnak, is an enormous, open website comprised of dozens of temples, chapels, pylons and obelisks. Development began throughout the Center Kingdom interval (2000 to 1700 BCE), and continued into the Ptolemaic Kingdom, from 305 to 30 BCE, although it was the principal worship website of the god Amun-Re throughout the New Kingdom, which lasted from 1550 to 1070 BCE. The Nice Hypostyle Corridor, which is maybe the most well-known monument within the complicated, options 134 huge sandstone pillars with intricate carvings overlaying almost 20,000 sq. toes. Seti I constructed the northern half of the corridor, whereas his son Ramses II completed the southern portion throughout his reign, between 1279 and 1212 BCE. 

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